sweashop millionaire

Nike has offered personalized running shoes whereby a customer can have his/her own messsage put on the shoe -- someone decided to test this new customer service as can be seen in the following messages. The personalized message requested was "SWEATSHOP."

From: "Personalize, NIKE iD"
To: "'Jonah H. Peretti'"
Subject: RE: Your NIKE iD order o16468000

Your NIKE iD order was cancelled for one or more of the following reasons.

1) Your Personal iD contains another party's trademark or other intellectual property.

2) Your Personal iD contains the name of an athlete or team we do not have the legal right to use.

3) Your Personal iD was left blank. Did you not want any personalization?

4) Your Personal iD contains profanity or inappropriate slang.

If you wish to reorder your NIKE iD product with a new personalization please visit us again at www.nike.com

Thank you,

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