The Art Battle was a success! Thanks to everyone involved and all the people that helped us put it on. I'm really stoked everyone showed up ready to battle and gave the people a great show. I want to thank Vince for really making it happen and bringing this thing to life here in Detroit, it has been in talk for a few years between the two of us. It was awesome to have so many people come and contribute to the energy in the space; the show would be nothing without an audience to feed off. Some of the CCS instructors were involved in the show and that was very awesome to have their support: Dave Chow, Don Kilpatrick, and Mitch Cope. We plan to do another one next year so now everyone has some time to prepare for the next battle. Here are some images from the Battle for you to enjoy.

The winner is......
Grant gave a great performance the whole night and is the winner of $1000.00.
Congratulations Grant! The Detroit Artist Battle winner.