2008, how about that? I spoke with Brian this morning and we agreed it sounds better than 2007. 2007 was a killer year and I hope that 2008 is even more productive. I guess if it isn't I should give up, but it will be. I met great people and had great times with people in '07 and they know who they are. I became closer than I imagined with my instructors and hope to stay in contact as if I never left CCS. OH yea, so I graduated this year too. "So what are you doing now? You got some jobs lined up?" I DON'T KNOW WORLD BUT I'VE GOT SOME IDEAS AND YOU WILL BE THE FIRST TO KNOW WHEN SOMETHING HAPPENS... I PROMISE. Something is going to happen though. I hope everyone makes it out to the Art Battle on January 12 because it is going to be sick. I have some great people involved and they won't disappoint you I promise. I don't know what else to talk about. I appreciate everything people have done to make my year and helped me out with anything in art and life.
Lame Highlights List:
Good Times at the Avery house.
Drunk Bike rides with Vanessa and attempting to watch a movie but passing out in my bed.
Funk Nights and other misc dance parties.
Good Concerts in Detroit and trips to Coney after.
Meeting Kat (solid gold lady).
Becoming friends with the ill crew that entered CCS the year after me. I'm glad I was at school an extra semester to do so.
Meeting Don Kilpatrick, (Obi Wan) Mentor and friend for life.
GOOD WOOD SHOW - Thanks to everyone that helped me pull that off.
NYC in the summer with Guido, Meghan and Maureen.
Realizing Aubrey and I are on the same page every time I turn the page. We're going to take over the gallery scene soon. We also plan to somehow live in NYC this summer if it means building a life size diorama on the streets of Brooklyn to live in.
This is stupid.
2008 woo!