Good Wood_Brooklyn_ICON5.

Good Wood is packing up and heading to Brooklyn for the summer. On my trip last week to New York I met with 3rd Ward gallery in Brooklyn and they are going to take on the Good Wood show. 3rd Ward is a studio and creative workspace, designed and developed by artists, for artists. It features 20,000 square feet of artistic resources including a photo studio, wood shop, metal shop, digital media lab, and a recording studio. It is such an amazing space and the gallery is beautiful.

The show in Detroit was suppose to be only 40 decks and ended up being much more so I have to unfortunately cut it down a bit to the original line up and we are adding a few local New York artists. ICON5 and Fernanda Cohen are helping promote the event, which is amazing to have their support.

Fernanda as well as some other NY artists are going to be designing decks. I had the pleasure of meeting with Fernanda and she was such a great person to chat with. She is teaching an Illustration class at 3rd Ward next month. Her work is amazing, check it out.
No sleep til Brooklyn.

Fernanda Cohen