CCS Student Exhibition

So I graduated in December, but I went ahead with the cap and gown ceremony this month and walked across the stage with the other grads last week. I also set up my senior wall for the student show. I was excited on my idea for it and I almost executed it the way I wanted but I didn't have quite enough time to see my complete vision for it happen. The bike was suppose to display my own custom decals all over it, which I still plan to do eventually. I also wanted about 10 of the resin casted grenades across the shelf. I wanted my wall to look like a complete installed piece in itself rather than a wall that displayed my framed work. I think some people get that and others just said "why do you have a bike on your wall?" How does the wheat-paste wall and bike with bag of papers on the floor not illustrate a story?

Anyhoo, There is a lot of great work in the show. Please check it out if you get the chance!

Here are some images of my wall.