The Beautiful Losers - IFC Center


So good! I left the theatre just buzzing with ideas and new energy for creation. I was smiling the whole time during the premiere. I can't tell you how much these people excite me. Aaron Rose (curator/hero) was there to present the movie and take questions afterwards. I was lucky enough to meet him at the after party and spill my guts about the influence his show has had on me. I originally saw the show in 2003 in SF and it blew me away. At the time I didn't even realize what I was seeing/being exposed to but years later realized the impact. while I was attending CCS I stumbled across the book in the Library and checked it out and didn't return it for a long time. I had a $10 late fee with the CCS Library. Soon there after I purchased my own copy. The Beautiful Losers collective became the basis for my senior thesis and inspiration for the reasons why I bother putting so much time and energy into a project with money out of my own pocket. Creation, fun & friends.

Check it out when it arrives in a town near you.