For the custom (Vans) sneaker show recently I collaborated with Nate Morgan and we had a blast with our hunting theme. Nate strung up his bow and we headed to the nearest woods to hunt us some shoe. We strung the shoes up 20 yards away in a tree and each of us took shots at them. It was my first time shooting a bow and arrow and I hit the shoes 2nd try! If you've never shot a bow before I suggest you try it! I'm not encouraging hunting any creatures by any means, only inanimate objects. It's definitely one of my new favorite things to do. So anyways, Nate and I shot at the shoes for an hour or so and each hit them about 4 times. We then went to Chiipss Skate Shop to photograph our 10 pt bucks. We then took a trip to Michaels for the plaques and put a nice ebony stain on those and mounted shoes and with wire laced the antlers. The true sneaker heads understand how crucial it is to get the kill on the day of a drop.