AwwSweet Ruckus presents AL & Friends (The Musical) Saturday, March 14th

Musical performance by Alan Scheurman
featuring acoustic performances by
Steve Branstrom of Monument, Monument
& Julian Viksand

Visuals provided by Cave collective, Nate Morgan & Aww Sweet Ruckus.

$3 donation at door
$1 PBR and High Life

I recently downloaded Al's record Old Patterns after speaking to him about it one night at a local watering hole in Ferndale. I use to listen to his old band Rescue back when I was in High School so as a musician he has sentimental value to me. I absolutely love the new psychedelic folk rock he is making as a solo musician now. I really enjoy his take on folk and the different elements and melodic vocals and sounds he brings into his songs. Check out his myspace or download his album here.

The other musicians opening up for Al are extremely talented friends of mine. Steve Branstrom is the frontman of the band Monument, Monument. We've been friends for years and I've always wanted to put together a show for him. Lately he's been writing some of his own stuff on a Takamine acoustic guitar I lent him years ago and later decided to let him adopt (for personal reasons). The most talented well-rounded musician I know and some of the strongest vocal chords you'll ever hear.
Julian Viksand (CJA) is a long time friend and talented folk musician. He's been playing music forever and burns holes in guitars everytime he picks one up. He's heavily inspired by Nordic scenery and culture as well as Fall months and snowfall.