Studio Visit Volume 1

Untitled from daniel ribar on Vimeo.

This is the beginning of a series of videos that I'm going to be producing with Danny Ribar & James Jasionowski. The aww sweet ruckus collective site will be up soon with more to come.

Quick back story:
Mike and James had a canvas primed for last years Art Battle. Mike was attacked and put in the hospital the night before the battle from serious head trauma. So James fought bravely by himself while Mike was in the hospital. I saw Mike about two weeks later and he was in surprisingly good spirits & we talked about the tragedy of his giant primed canvas laying around cold and dingy white. So I told him he should just come do their Art Battle project in my space.

I appreciate them being the first of this series, they're such talented dudes and I'm one of their biggest fans.

I think these series of documented vids will be the next layer that will create more sense of this whole collective/collaboration of artists I've been working with since the first Good Wood Show in 2007.

Thank you!
Mike Burdick &
James Noellert

Big thanks to Danny for filming and editing this video.